Public libraries across Alabama are giving children access to pornography and other sexual content.

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    To the Alabama Public Library Service (APLS):

    WHEREAS, the American Library Association (ALA) continues to affirm and defend the President of the ALA who has publicly celebrated the ideals and tenets of marxism which violates the values of the people of Alabama. 

    WHEREAS, the ALA openly advocates and educates public librarians to go against the will of their patrons, the taxpayers of which they claim to serve, in their curation of materials under the guise of protecting against censorship. 

    WHEREAS, they promote the false notion that accessibility and availability are interchangeable and that both are essential to protect against censorship. Meaning they believe, promote, and protect the notion that even minors should have unrestricted access to sexually explicit materials.

    WHEREAS, their definition of censorship is in opposition to the contemporary community standards of Alabamians and the Alabama Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act. We believe censorship in part concerns the availability of various viewpoints to the public, but does not mean that any and all materials regarding every viewpoint should be accessible to minors.

    WHEREAS, the highly impressionable minds of children must be protected and diligently shaped by their parents or guardians; and 

    WHEREAS, exposing children to materials regarding radical gender ideologies and sexually explicit and pornographic content; and

    WHEREAS, no taxpayer funded entity should permit children to access such obscene and divisive materials without parental consent.

    THEREFORE, as a concerned citizen of Alabama, I urge you to take immediate action to end our association, participation, and use of the far left marxist organization that is the American Library Association effective immediately.